Not brown and definitely not blonde… bronde is the in-betweeny hair shade that everyone is raving about. Celebrities such as Cara Delevingne have been honing it on the red carpet and now the trend is hitting the high street!


lottie london bronde


This new hair craze is not to be confused with ‘mousey’ brown! Bronde is created by using the balayage technique and is a fusion of soft highlights on a brunette base. It is the perfect post summer look that creates a golden lift and will continue to make you shine throughout the winter months.


lottie london bronde


Some of our top tips to make sure you get it right…


  1. To achieve the best bronde it is important to choose the right colours to match your skin tone. Make sure you don’t go more than three shades darker or lighter than your natural hair colour. If you have pale skin, try cooler shades like ash that won’t highlight any redness in the skin. Those that are naturally tanned can use more golden copper tones.
  2. Bronde requires a little TLC just like any other colour you use on your hair. Buy shampoos and conditioners that enhances your colour, adds shine and keeps your luscious locks looking healthy.
  3. The bayage technique can be bespoke and tailored to your desires. For a sun-kissed look they can brush the dye through the hair to create sparse, natural looking tones. Or for a glamorous high-shine apply the dye to the bottom of your locks like a chic dip dye effect.
  4. Wavy hair will bring out the blonde colour effect especially well so try blow-drying or curling your hair. Or even use some texturing sprays to create a more natural wavy look.
  5. This dazzling bronde look is not going to last forever. We suggest that your hair will need to be refreshed every 8-10 weeks.