Winter means Christmas, parties and a whole lot of seriously scrumptious food.
But the cold months and good food can also play havoc with your skin.


We decided to share with you our homemade face-mask recipes! Not only are they super simple but these recipes will make your skin glow and feel super soft and silky throughout these winter months. So, get downstairs and start raiding your kitchen cupboards… 


Anti-inflammatory Honey


Honey is amazeballs! It’s historical prized for its healing properties and most of all it’s delicious! Honey can be mixed with a number of spices from Cinnamon to nutmeg and Tumeric to help with inflammation, uneven skin tones and to improve skins elasticity. Take a small cup of honey (even better if its Manuka honey) and add half a teaspoon of the spice of your choice. Give everything a good stir and apply to the face. Sit back and relax for around 15 minutes. Then wash with warm water so the honey dissolves and Tadahhhh you’ll be feeling fabulous and smelling rather good too!


Exfoliating Yoghurt


We all love yoghurt! But have you tried wearing it instead of eating it? Yoghurt is packed full of hydrating lipids and lactic acids. All for which helps revitalise your skin if you’re feeling a little rough. Just grab a cup full of full fat, unsweetened yoghurt; squeeze in a little lemon slice and apply nice and thick to your face. Leave for 5-15 minutes depending on how much exfoliation you want.


Gentle Moisturising Avo & Banana


It’s the super food everyone is obsessed with and it turns out it is even more super than you thought! Avocado is extremely hydrating and when mashed up with banana (another hydrator) you make a wonderful squishy blend of hydrating goodness that is ideal for anyone suffering with dry skin. Just note this mask doesn’t harden like any others so make sure you sit rather still and you don’t drip any on the carpet!


Revitalising Lemon


When life gives you lemons…make a face mask! If your skin is looking a little dull then a combination of lemon, sugar and olive oil is exactly what you need. The sugar takes away any dead skin cells, whilst the citric acid in the lemon naturally exfoliates. But don’t worry the nourishing oil balances the two making the treatment less harsh than it sounds.