We’re here to tell you just how vital it is to get in the habit of whipping out your trusty Lottie London Soap Star Brush Cleanser and get scrubbing!



A lot of us forget to clean our brushes. We’ve all been there. It’s something we can overlook, and not realise the importance of doing so. We’re here to tell you just how vital it is to get in the habit of whipping out your trusty Lottie London Soap Star Brush Cleanser and get scrubbing!


You’d probably be shocked to hear how many of you naughty lot don’t wash your tools often enough…or ever! Research shows 38% of people have never cleaned their brushes! Ever! Oh the horror.




Most of us take a lot of care cleansing and looking after our skin on a day to day basis – and this should be the same with your precious Lottie London brushes. Who fancies a week’s worth of dirt and bacteria right back on their faces along with that foundation? Not us!


Skincare doesn’t stop at just cleansing your face, and one of the most common causes of acne or breakouts is due to the bacteria carried on your makeup brushes and tools. Dirty brushes can also spread infection, especially from person to person use, so be very aware of this when sharing your tools.


Your dirty brushes can even jeopardise your lovely makeup products too! Think of that gorgeous blush or expensive eyeshadow you have just invested in – using a dirty brush can load your lovely product with moisture which can affect how it deposits on your skin and its colour payoff. Dirty brushes can sadly ruin them, so prolong their lives too by keeping them squeaky clean.




Dermatologists and makeup artists advise people to clean their makeup brushes after every single use (!) as brushes can pick up bacteria as soon as they are in contact with the skin. Realistically, if you aren’t the type that is going to sanitize your brushes EVERY day (we know that most of us lead busy lives and this small task can be easily overlooked or forgotten about) – then how often ideally, do need to cleanse your brushes? Well, it does depend a little on how you store them and what products you are using.


If you use a liquid foundation brush stuffed into your makeup bag, it won’t have room to breathe and will need much more regular cleansing than, for example a powder brush that is stored in a brush holder that can air out a little. But for good measure make sure your brushes are all tucked away from all of the extra daily cosmetic table gatherings such as hair spray.


Cleaning your brushes a couple of times a week is certainly ideal, and a whole lot better than nothing, that’s for sure! Your skin will thank you and you’ll benefit in ways you probably weren’t even aware of! If the bristles are stuck together at all, then it has been way too long since they last had a wash!


The brush-friendly formula works to deeply cleanse and remove any excess residue and germs for cleaner skin, and cleaner makeup application. All you need to do is wet your brushes or applicators and sweep over the solid soap-bar in circular movements to create a lather, repeating if necessary. Rinse and allow both your cleansed brushes and the soap to air-dry. Squeaky clean in no time!