The holy grail of all lip shades – ‘The MLBB’ - and some tips on how to find yours here…

The holy grail of all lip shades – ‘The MLBB’ - and how to find yours here…


Lipstick trends come and go, but theres one shade that will never go out of fashion.  You know the one - the holy grail of all lipstick shades known to many as ‘My Lips But Better’ a.k.a. your MLBB!
A MLBB is the colour that most closely matches your natural lip colour. It has the power to brighten up your face and enhance your everyday look. It adds a touch of subtle glam on a night out with the besties! Even when you're wearing minimal makeup you can swipe on your MLBB lippy and you look fresh-faced and ready for any selfie coming your way!  


We all need one in our makeup bag, but we’re not going to lie it’s not easy to find and it will require some trial and error. Here’s some tips for finding your perfect MLBB shade.




Find the perfect shade by comparing the lipstick to the colour of your inner lip or fingertip. If it closely matches, then try on your lip directly. If it looks like your lips but better, then you’ve found it!




We all sometimes love a bit of shine but for the best MLBB’s we advise using a matte finish for a barely-there texture. Try and discover your MLBB with Lottie London’s Slay All Day matte liquid lipsticks. Our neutral shades; Fleek, Hey Bae, Werk It and Squad are sure to be the one!
slay all day lottie london makeup



For a creamier finish why not swipe on our Balm Balls on top!
lottie london make up balm balls




A way to make sure a new lipstick has the potential of being that perfect MLBB is to test it out when you have a makeup-free face. This way you can see whether the lip colour compliments your natural complexion.