Seeing as it's getting extremely cold, we thought it was the perfect excuse to grab a hot chocolate,  and think about all our favourite things about Winter!


What signifies the start of winter for you?


Apart from the cold, blustery weather and dark nights it has to be the Christmas lights & the fires at home. Nothing shouts winter more than a cold evening sat wrapped in a blanket with a cup of coco in front of the fire!



What is your favourite winter scent?


Mulled wine or mince pies! Both smells remind me of CHRISTMAS! What more can you want!


What is your favourite Winter Colour?


The darker the better. Rich velvety reds and burgundy’s are beautiful in winter. They are great colours that look good with everything from jumpers, lipsticks, to Christmas decorations!



What is your favourite hot drink in winter?


It’s got to be Hot Chocolate! It’s like heaven in a cup especially when you cover it in whipped cream, add hundreds of marshmallows and a sprinkle of chocolate for extra measure. And if that is too much? Then a plain but simple hot coco is also amazing!


Your favourite winter food?


This is such a hard one! Winter is the time for decadence, feasting and stodgy food; which means most of the food I eat I love! My absolutely fav type of food is a homemade macaroni with extra helpings of cheese…yummm!


What is your favourite makeup look?


Winter is the season for festivities and parties so my favourite makeup look is using sparkles! I love a smoky eye with glitter; it oozes glam and is perfect for a party. I also love sparkly nails as they channel my excitement for Christmas!


What’s your favourite piece of Winter Clothing?


 My favourite piece of clothing is my Christmas Jumper. It is the only time in the year that it is acceptable to wear something so hideous yet so comfy and warm. Plus, we are celebrating Christmas yayy!